Exploring Solar Panel Subsidy in West Bengal, 2023

West Bengal stands as a pioneer in solar technology in India, with the government actively promoting the adoption of solar energy. One notable initiative is the mandate for large housing societies to install solar rooftop systems, ensuring a minimum of 1.5% of their total electrical load is met through solar energy. To incentivize this transition, the government offers subsidies in accordance with SECI guidelines.

Subsidy Details:
The subsidies are primarily provided by the Central Government through MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy). Here’s a breakdown of the subsidy available for the installation of grid-connected solar rooftop power plants:

– Up to 3kW: 40% subsidy
– Above 3kW to Up to 10kW: 20% subsidy
– Above 10kW: 0% subsidy

Benchmark costs are determined by the Central Government of India, and the subsidy is calculated accordingly. For example, for a 3kW solar system without subsidy costing Rs. 1,80,000, the customer payable amount with a 40% subsidy would be Rs. 1,08,000.

Installation Benefits:
Apart from the financial aspect, installing solar panels brings long-term benefits. For a 5kW solar system, the generation benefits include daily, monthly, yearly, and lifetime generation of units, providing a return on investment within 3.6 years and a significant income multiplier.

Process for Availing Subsidy:
To avail of the solar subsidy in West Bengal, individuals need to follow a structured process:

1. Site Survey: Schedule an engineer visit for a site survey.
2. System Capacity, Costing & Performance Analysis: Determine the appropriate system capacity and analyze the costs.
3. Buy Solar System & Installation: Purchase the solar system and proceed with the installation.
4. Get Solar Subsidy: The subsidy is granted after 30 days of rooftop solar panel installation.

List of DISCOMS in West Bengal:
– Calcutta Electricity Supply Co. (CESC)
– Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC)
– Dishergarh Power Co. Ltd.
– Durgapur Project Limited
– WBSEDCL (West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited)

As West Bengal continues to lead in solar technology, the solar panel subsidy in 2023 provides a clear roadmap for individuals and housing societies to embrace sustainable energy solutions. The detailed process, subsidy breakdown, and customer inquiries showcase the growing interest and awareness regarding solar power in the region.

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