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MD’s desk

At Kirti Solar Limited, our endeavour is to transform the ideation of solar power into a reliable, affordable and consistent source of clean energy for social, scientific and organizational sector.

We envision our role as the nation’s largest design, installation and finance company for solar power systems, including off-grid and grid-connected plants. It serves our interest to be amenable to emerging technologies, without being bound by conventional methods. With this, we can always provide the most efficient modules developed through constant research and development. We have put together a very strong team of design, installation and maintenance experts from across the country to offer a unique experience to our clients; and we would prefer to maintain the quality standards and look forward to greater expansion of the company and our services.

With limited natural resources, focus is shifting towards sustainable and renewable energy resource. Solar energy will be playing an essential role in empowering India in next few years and its ever expanding prospect will develop from the grass root level to several billion dollar solar sector within a few decades. India is in the process of launching the largest bidding of solar power projects worth 1,500 MW under its flagship Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM). However, Success in solar energy will require a long-term commitment and a sound understanding of local dynamics along with efficient execution, financing and localization.

– Mr. Dhiraj Bhagchandka


The synergy of experience, innovation, quality, technology and scale allows us to successful completion of major projects across various states in India.
Meticulous effort and smart innovation has outperformed the market and allowed us to deliver our projects at the most competitive costs and hassle-free operation without recurring expenses.
A blend of technology and highly experienced Operations and Maintenance team ensures flawless and consistent operational service.
Expansion of our production is synchronized with the requirement for clean and reliable power growth.


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