Top Solar Company in Odisha

Top Solar Company in Odisha

At KSL Cleantech Limited, we have established an enviable reputation as the leading project developer of rooftop solar power plants. We help reshape the solar revolution, as a top solar company in Odisha, with emerging photovoltaic technology that delivers usable energy. Our experienced engineers understand your requirements and suggest advanced solar photovoltaic and thermal systems. We are pioneering supreme energy solutions for industrial and commercial use. As the Best Solar Company in Odisha, we source panels that drive change, encouraging people to invest smartly in a green and clean future.

Advanced Technology for Rooftop Solar in Odisha

Here, we treat every building rooftop as a profitable avenue for renewable energy development. A part of our successful utility solution, we devise a new frontier as a leading project developer of on grid solar rooftop systems in Odisha. With the rising demand for solar rooftop panels, we suggest products that are globally recognised for their innovative design and engineering. We are the best solar company and installer in Odisha, supplying rooftop panels of all sizes, made in compliance with regulatory permissions and the Ministry Of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) guidelines. The industrial rooftop solar power systems installed by us attract customers because of finance options and government subsidies. 

Renowned Solar Installer in Odisha

At KSL Cleantech Limited, we show unmatched capabilities when it comes to setting a benchmark for efficiency. We are reputable solar installers of rooftop solar power plants, a one-stop integrated solution for all customers. The products we install are tested and produced, also guaranteeing 50% energy savings for customer convenience. We undertake solar utility projects, bearing testimony to reliability through a smooth installation.


The synergy of experience, innovation, quality, technology and scale allows us to successful completion of major projects across various states in India.
Meticulous effort and smart innovation has outperformed the market and allowed us to deliver our projects at the most competitive costs and hassle-free operation without recurring expenses.
A blend of technology and highly experienced Operations and Maintenance team ensures flawless and consistent operational service.
Expansion of our production is synchronized with the requirement for clean and reliable power growth.


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