Solar Company in Jharkhand

KSL Cleantech Limited is a leading industry where you can find different types of solar panels and other photovoltaic products. We are well established as a top solar company in Jharkhand. Apart from Jharkhand, we have installed solar panels in different residences and industries across India. Our brand enjoys a positive reputation among a diverse range of customers.

From small-scale KW Projects to High scale MW Projects, we manufacture panels and other solar power components for all. If you want better assistance in installing photovoltaic rooftop panels, you can count on us. Our team is well known as a top rooftop solar installer in Jharkhand. We help you produce energy to power your home or industry without harming the environment.

Trusted Best Solar Company in Jharkhand:

As a young State, Jharkhand is rapidly moving towards growth each day, thanks to rapid industrialization. To power these industries without polluting the surroundings, our team can come to your rescue. We are regarded as one of the best solar companies in Jharkhand for professional assistance and quality installation.

Choose Quality Adani Rooftop Solar Installer in Jharkhand:

KSL Cleantech Limited is well known as an Adani solar dealer in Jharkhand. We have managed to maintain a smooth relationship comprising trust and credibility among our clients. Our knowledgeable solar rooftop installers have been in this field for years. So, you can remain assured of getting nothing but the best from our team. You can also become a part of the growth towards an industrial revolution when you join hands with us.


The synergy of experience, innovation, quality, technology and scale allows us to successful completion of major projects across various states in India.
Meticulous effort and smart innovation has outperformed the market and allowed us to deliver our projects at the most competitive costs and hassle-free operation without recurring expenses.
A blend of technology and highly experienced Operations and Maintenance team ensures flawless and consistent operational service.
Expansion of our production is synchronized with the requirement for clean and reliable power growth.


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