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At KSL Cleantech Limited, we take pride in being the Authorized Channel Partner of Adani Solar, a name synonymous with excellence in renewable energy. With a steadfast commitment to a sustainable future, we specialize in providing innovative solar solutions that empower businesses and individuals to harness the power of the sun. Backed by over 15+ years of experience, a team of seasoned experts and 400+ successful solar power plant installations across India, we are dedicated to transforming the way energy is sourced and utilized.

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    Adani Solar Partnership:

    As an Authorized Channel Partner of Adani Solar, we bring you the assurance of cutting-edge solar technology and impeccable quality.



    Our team of professionals carries a wealth of experience, spanning over 15+ years, in designing, installing, and maintaining solar solutions tailored to your unique needs. We possess a wide array of successful plants under our umbrella in various sectors like Commercial & Industrial, Government & PSU, Healthcare & Education, Government Buildings and so on.


    Customized Solutions:

    We understand that each project is unique. Our solutions are customized to maximize efficiency and sustainability, ensuring optimal returns on your investment.


    Sustainability Leadership:

    By choosing solar energy, you contribute to a cleaner environment. Partner with us to make a significant impact on reducing your carbon footprint.


    End-to-End Support:

    From initial consultation to post-installation maintenance, our comprehensive support ensures a seamless transition to solar energy.

    Our Projects

    Experience the impact of our solar solutions through these engaging videos showcasing our successful projects:
    Howrah Railway

    Successful Case Studies

    Explore our diverse portfolio of successful projects that underline our expertise and commitment to excellence:

    Duncan Hospital

    Bihar, 50 KWp

    Pankaj Oxygen

    Chhatisgarh, 150 KWp

    Laser Power & Infra Pvt. Ltd.

    West Bengal, 323 KWp

    Sethia Oils Ltd.

    West Bengal, 500 KWp

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    Guiding You towards
    Sustainable Solutions
    Design & Approval
    Innovating Green Strategies
    with Expertise.
    Installation &
    Powering Tomorrow
    with Precision.
    Operation &
    Ensuring Enduring Clean
    Energy Performance.

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