Few Factors that Can Reduce the Output of Your Solar Panel

Sustainability is the key to generating power in the modern age. The world is much less reliant on fossil fuels and exhaustive resources to produce electricity for commercial use. You can find growth in electricity generation via solar panels.

Go Sustainable in Producing Power:

Whether your property is domestic or commercial, solar power is the way to sustainable power production. There are few limitations or setbacks by generating power through an on-grid solar system. You might face a small issue with solar power output in certain weather conditions.

Things that Affect Power Output of Rooftop Solar Panels:

The factors that can affect power generation output in an on-grid solar rooftop system are discussed in detail below. Ensure to follow them while installing a solar panel at your facility.

  1. High Heat: In the case of solar power generation, one might think it may produce greater energy on scorching summer days. In fact, it is a popular myth. High temperatures can cause a reduction in energy output. The solar panels are generally tested under 25 degree Celsius, the Standard Test Condition. If the temperature goes high, the energy output gets directly affected.

  2. The Angle of the Sun: The sun is the most important requirement in solar power production. Adequate sunshine is the primary requirement to generate optimum power. The sun’s angle is one of the important prerequisites for a balanced energy output. In case of low sunlight, the power output will be greatly affected.

  3. Orientation of the Solar Panel: The position of the solar panel is another important factor for the panel’s power output. The solar panel will automatically produce less power if the roof orientation is on the Eastern or Western side. The correct orientation of the panel is North and South to the roof.

  4. Cloudy Days: Solar panels work on cloudy days but do not operate as efficiently as on a sunny day. Estimations show that the panels generate 10-25% less power than the normal power output on a cloudy day. Wind and humidity are other controlling factors in the output of generating solar power.

When you install a solar rooftop system on your property, ensure checking these factors. To get quality assistance with installation, you can connect with KSL Cleantech Limited. We are one of the leading Adani solar dealers in West Bengal. We can provide top-quality solar panels for domestic and commercial use. For more information, you can visit our website today.

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